Who is the Real Winner in BREXIT News Impact

As SchatZ Markets Previously mentioned about the Hedge Traders.  There’s still plenty of uncertainty as we gear towards the Brexit extension votes later..

Deal or Without Deal!
Brexit article 50 extension?
Brexit Proposal Delay If no Deal March 29th / If Deal June 30 ??
What would Europe Proposal?
If Brexit Exit Any What are all the financial plans?
        The Third Brexit Proposal 
No date has yet been set for the third Brexit proposal so-called “meaningful vote”.  The UK government said there could be a short delay until 30 June, if MPs approve Mrs May’s deal by 20 March the day before the next EU summit in Brussels.

What Happen Yesterday?

The Commons first voted on an amendment to reject the UK exiting the EU without a deal under any circumstances.

Who has actually WON?
There is a good chance for hedge traders gaining into the market. The possibility of  100 to 150 up and down markets helps the hedge traders to make positive traders. Read more about what should traders do this time to avoid a complicated strategy. 

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