What is the Best Forex Currency Pair to Trade

When a trader jumps into forex markets offers many instruments to trade but what is the best currency pair to trade there is an endless choice however SchatZ Markets suggest few key points before selecting currency pair.
Schatz Markets offers more than 64 currency pairs, metals, indices and much more before focus on pair select the appropriate time to trade

Time Factor
Each currency pair will move and react differently and has its own character but what time you trade in? Let’s say you trade around USD Market hours then try to select the pair which relevant to USD pairs. If any major impacts(forex Calendar or important announcements) happens in USD will give you the opportunity to know more about it. Before select the instrument seek the what TIME you trade in depends upon that select the currency pair

Irrespective of TIME what Currency Pairs I can choose?
As a Newbie traders wise choice goes on major currency pairs.
The pairs are like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and AUD/USD which are known as the Majors. To know more about Major Forex Currency Pip Movement Click Here.

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