Brexit and its consequences

What is Brexit? What is No-Deal Brexit?

Brexit means Britain leaving the EU with a deal or no deal.
No-Deal Brexit terms as Britain walking out from the EU without reaching an agreement.
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What are the consequences of No-Deal Brexit?

Based on People:
They are independent to implement or suggest ideas for the country. So if they want to travel they need to face border checks like Passport and Customs verification. The fate of both countries people, if they work in either of the nation and their rights, has to be decided.

Based on Money:
Both the nations have to prepare separately their financial planning and the budget for their countries respectively. Britain may lose some monetary benefits which they enjoyed when staying with the EU like subsidies given for some products.
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Based on Trade:
Tariffs will be implemented by both the countries for exports and imports. Some business will be affected because some trades and material shipping is happening through the European Union. Britain has to approach WTO for trade laws. EU will not accept some Britain products for importing and may not allow exporting their products.
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Based on Law:
Britain will frame its own laws and orders so that they will no more bound for EU laws. They have to obey EU human rights as it’s not aligned with the EU body.
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