Is That Right Time to Invest Now ?

Is that Right Time to Invest?

The answer is always “Yes” weather market is low or high always take a chance to invest but remember Golden rule.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

“Invest wisely by Diversification and Segregation”

Invest for Long Term

“Golden Rules of Investing”

“Invest Early”

“Invest Regularly /whenever you have additional money/ whenever market falls”

If you looking for making some Quick Money by investing any time, then the Answer is NO

The very nature of the market is to remain Volatile and it is going to remain Volatile forever. Every fall in the market is followed by a bounce back. Historically, market falls are temporary and the rise is gradual and permanent.

Year  Sensex Points
1980     150
1990     1500
2000    6000
2010     21000
2018     35000

Year   NASDAQ Points  
1975   –  276
1980  –  570
1192   –  1150
1997   –  2482
2000 –   6900

2005   –   2820
2010   –   3045
2015   –   5261
2018   –   8093
2019   –   7281

Think of the Year 2020, 2030, 2040 and beyond. At this point of time, it reminds of the Golden lines of the legendary investor . “Warren Buffet:”

“Be greedy, when others are fearful. Be-fearful, when others are greedy”. It is firmly believed that Wealth Creation is a long term process. It will take time. There is no Short cut to Wealth Creation.



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