Sell or Buy Which one of the Right Option ?

Making money on stocks involves just decisions.
* Buy 
* Sell 
You’ve got to get both of those right to make a profit.

Buying at Right Time:
70% of Average Traders preferred to BUY, While buying at the right time and price may ultimately determine the profit gained, If you don’t buy at the right Time, the benefits of profit at the right Price will disappear. As more buyers involved in trading, thus the stock market always tend to move up gradually, however what about SELL?

Selling is most preferred than Buying!
Selling Stock Is Hard Many of us have trouble selling stock, and the reason is rooted in the innate human tendency toward Greed.

 Let’s take an example
You Buy Forex Currency USDJPY at 100.00 with the intention of selling it if it reaches 105.00. The Price hits 104.00 and you decide to hold out for a couple of more points. The Price reaches 106.00 and greed overcomes rationality. Suddenly, the USD/JPY price drops back to 103.00. You tell yourself to just wait until it hits 105.00 again. This never happens. You finally succumb to frustration and sell at a loss when it hits below 100.00

Timely selling does not require precise market timing. Few investors ever buy at the absolute bottom and sell at the absolute top.

Whether you BUY or SELL always keep that in mind when you close the every BUY order that intends that you are selling at closing price look for new trade opportunity SELL call at the closing price.                                       
When you close Every SELL order that intends that you are buying at closing price look for new trade opportunity BUY call at the closing price.

 Always give equal importance for both BUY and SELL

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