What is Currency Manipulator Watchlist?

Currency manipulator watch list is a list of expected currency manipulator countries which is of US government importance to ensure free and fair trade practices.

That brings us to the next questions who will be called as a currency manipulator.

In today’s market currency value is determined through market forces of demand and supply but there are countries like China who are indulged in controlling currency value artificially by controlling foreign exchange purchase and sell policies in their country.

If you want to know why would one do the so here China has kept its currency value very low to promote cheaper export to other countries

Three criteria’s for listing by the U.S mentioned below:

  1. Where one country constitutes a major part of their Trade deficit like  China, India
  2. Any country is purchasing US $ in excess of $20 Billion and the net purchase is in excess of 2% of GDP.
  3. Having a current account surplus of 2% of US GDP.


Japan, alongside China, Germany, Switzerland, India, and South Korea, was placed in the bi-annual currency watch list in October last year.

While Switzerland and India have not been mentioned in the latest list, the US has added Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam to the list, with China continuing to figure in it.

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