What is Expected on Forex Currencies 2019?

No 1 JPY 2019 Outlook

Sun rising Currency Gains 2019. The overall currency strength among major currency of 2018 YEN gained Last year and continues gains as New Year trade starts. The dollar depreciated against the yen on Wednesday as caution prevailed on the first trading day of the New Year on wider concerns about global economic growth, the U.S. government shutdown and a slower pace of Federal Reserve rate hikes. Trading volumes remain light as global markets reopened after the New Year’s Day public holiday. Japanese markets remain closed on Wednesday (2nd Jan 2019). Japanese YEN starts ahead of 2019.


No 2 GBP 2019 Outlook

The pound hit lows of $1.25 in December on intense political uncertainty but economists suspect this worry is over-done. Sterling is set to rise to $1.38 by the end of 2019 according to the consensus forecast compiled by Focus Economics. The UK will be forced into an even softer Brexit and also to get gained by upcoming new policies.

No 3 USD 2019 Outlook

The U.S. Dollar, U.S. Federal Reserve policy will continue to be the biggest influence on the direction of the U.S. Dollar. Interest rates were the dominate theme in 2018, and were likely to remain same on 2019. Trump Policies will play major role on 2019 USD Currency as unsure about centralized currency (USD) investors likely to wait for the opportunity to go on 2019

No 4 AUD 2019 Outlook

According to The RBA statement read, “The low level of interest rates is continuing to support the Australian economy, The Inflation remains low and stable. Over the past year, CPI inflation was 1.9 percent and in underlying terms inflation was 1.75 percent. Inflation is expected to pick up over the next couple of years, with the pick-up likely to be gradual. The central scenario is for inflation to be 2.25 percent in 2019 and a bit higher in the following year. As Inflation likely to hit AUD may remain weaken or stable currency expected on 2019

No 5 EUR 2019 Outlook

After the BREXIT, EUR remains to catch up the market however overall European Union affected by economic global inflation. EUR expected to continue the same weaken currency of 2019.

————–2019 Major Currency Outlook by SchatZ Markets——————