2019 First Week Forex Market Outlook

The Yen another Bubble?

 The YEN strong gains make mockery of recession fears. The Japanese currency is undergoing an impressive rise, the increase in value that started on 2018 and continues to rise on 2019. The Sudden Rise in prices at a moment’s its highest level since March (2018) against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday (2nd Jan 2019) after what some traders are calling a “Currency Crash 2019.”


USD Under Pressure!

2018 – U.S Dollar stabilized in forex market. U.S. job growth surges in December, unemployment rate rises and Crude oil crash and global economy weakness USD raised at the standard level on 2018. Due to YEN rise, US dollar struggled to keep up the steadiness among the market.  Trump Polices will play a major role for USD market.

Gold Market Strong 2019

Gold makes consistent gain due to unsteadiness in global market. Gold surges from 1160 to 1298. Gold slipped from a more than six-month high (1298) on Today (4th Jan 2018) however Gold on demand for potential Investors.

Crude Oil 2019 will come back?

Oil rises 2.5% as Saudi oil exports are seen falling and Over Supply cutting down Oil prices surge more than 4 %. Tanker-tracking data shows a big drop in Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports in December.