Shall I follow 100 Different Strategy or One strategy 100 Times for Trading?

As Traders have many different thoughts in trading analysis and technical views but one thing in common they keep on finding the Way to win strategy.

Remember one thing before finding the Strategy. 
“Keep practising and follow the discipline towards your GOAL are most important in trading”

One who follows Forex trading strategies once it fails will keep moving another but will another strategy gives you the best result?

As an algorithm method 80% of the traders who keep adopting new strategy even its good to move new, however from the 80% of the traders 90% not standing for a longer period. There are 10% who got success. What makes them get profit? While both they follow the same strategy why that 90% who lost in the trading market. Both have one thing in common same strategy but the difference is how they apply?  “Some follow the practice & discipline and some not

The 10% winners of the trading market first analysis the strategy for many times, it’s like a sampling method the winners who apply in the practice and through the sampling technique, they will find what time we can use strategy? what is the success ratio? When usage of more volume what is the failure ratio? What causes if I apply the method during important news or stock market opening time? .., Just Apply the same strategy many times in practice account and find out the positive results and don’t forget the discipline of the trades and get going.

There is a great saying, just remember it

I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick, 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

Not just practice, make perfect practice and make the best of it from your trading strategy.

” Find out the best you can from sampling method and follow the same strategy and discipline towards your trade makes perfect outcome”-SchatZ Markets gives free online class utilize the great strategy from the training experts.