Bank Asset VS Forex Market Volume

Forex Market Volume Per Day
                     As per International Bank Settlements, the preliminary global results from the 2016 Triennial Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and OTC Derivatives Markets Activity show that trading in foreign exchange markets averaged $5.09 trillion per day in April 2016.

Bank Asset Worth:

The leading banks by far are Chinese banks. China holds the top four slots in the top 10. Out of the top 10 largest banks by assets, only two are USA banks. The leading banks by far are Chinese banks. China holds the top 4 in the top 10.

No 1 Bank:  Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

Total Asset Worth: $3.62 trillion, The bank provides loans, financing for businesses, credit cards, as well as money management for high-net-worth individuals and companies, its gaining its Revenue around $134.8 Billion.

No 2 Bank: China Construction Bank Corp.

Total Asset Worth: $2.94 trillion , offers corporate banking, which deals with credit, company e-banking, credit lines and commercial loans. This is the 4th largest bank in the world.

No 3 Bank: Agricultural Bank of China

Total Asset Worth: $2.82 trillion, The bank deals with small farmers and large agricultural wholesale companies. It also works with non-agricultural companies. Its largest growth segment is mid-sized companies. Revenue: $26.7 Billion

How Big Forex Market Compare to Bank Assets ?

As we can see Forex Market is much bigger than banking volume and also Forex market plays vital role in banking sector with capitalization around 70% of banking asset.