Forex BLUFF – Trade WAR between China and the United States

The U.S and China Trade War BlUFF
Bluff is a card game in which players must get rid of all of their cards in order to win. The same thing happening between the U.S and China. To get rid of China, by all means, the U.S President started Trade War and it continues both the end to WIN against Trade war again the U.S President announced further tariffs, its makes Global stocks were ailing after President Donald Trump Sunday threatened further tariffs on Chinese imports that could come into effect on Friday

Investors previously expected China and the U.S to be close to sorting out a trade deal after months of negotiations. A lack of an agreement between the world’s two largest economies could progress the global growth however due to Trump Intervention he further intervention tariff its raises tension among global investors.

Trade War can be Bluff?
Over the past months, the US-China trade negotiations seem to be end soon as world market awaits for positive reports.

*)Many have weighed whether the presidential tweet was just a negotiation tactic
*)Analysts at Bank of America believe that both parties at the table remain motivated to agree to deal.
*)Trading Experts believe Trump Policy can be another BLUFF!

Stock Fall Off-

The Dow Jones Index currently at 25,965,  The Dow Jones fell the last Monday about 473 points, marking the second-worst trading day of the year. The worst day of 2019 was January 3rd 2019, when the Dow fell 660 points.