Forex Hot Talks of 2018 : Market Outlook by Schatz Markets

Number 1: “BITCOIN

2018-Bitcoin is the most popularized currency. Year 2017-High $19,783.

?2018-Crash started & touches$3250
?More than 3000 cryptocurrencies introduced

Bitcoin considered as Most valued and under valued currency of 2018.

? Few Countries were Legalized &
? Many Countries were banned Bitcoin

Number 2: “TRADE WAR

Trade War USA & CHINA most popular news on 2018. It raises fear on stock market. Both Countries continues to dispute tariffs placed on goods traded between them.Dec-2018 U.S. and China Halt Trade War With 90-Day Ceasefire makes market stable. Huawei CFO Arrest Intensifies Trade War Fears again. TRADE-WAR FEARS GLOBAL Market.

Forex Trending News 2018

Number 3: “CRUDE OIL

2018-Crude Oil Fall is also one of the main talks on financial market.Oil Stumbles from a peak of $115 to $35 (2014-16) looks stable in 2018, however Oil prices fallen as OPEC considers an output cut thus brings $76.78 to $49.50.

OPEC Meeting Investor Focus on 6th Dec 2018

Top Oil Reserve Countries List!

Number 4: “Venezuela Crisis

Venezuela had an inflation rate 800% highest in the history. 2018-IMF announced Venezuela inflation touch at 1,00,000% by 2019. Political & Economic reasons are causes of rapid acceleration of inflation.

What is the reason for Venezuela Crisis ?


2018- Turkey crisis is another country exceeds 100% inflation rate. Turkish Lira has lost value against USD due to crude price fall.


2018-GOLD Market also one of the most talkative news. The weakness in global stock markets GOLD demand was steady on 2018.

Oct-2018 Gold Hit three months high!


BREXIT All you need to know about the UK leaving EU on 2018. “BRITAIN EXIT” Now the Question is with or Without Existing Trade Policy ! Britain Prime minster Theresa May calls off MPs’ vote on her Brexit deal. Right now Theresa May is trying to maintain , Theresa May case that it’s her deal or no deal, or no Brexit, ruling out another referendum again, at least under her leadership, and trying again to stick to the course.

Above all seven are hot topics in 2018 financial news. 

Trade War US VS China




Investors around the globe are unsettled by worries of a trade war after the latest round of tit-for-tat tariff threats between the US and China. Add to that rising interest rates and you have a combustible mix that might trigger a serious share setback. The impact of any trade war will be felt on various fronts, including currencies, commodities and companies.

The pain inflicted on stocks and shares would be two-fold, hurting US companies that source material and goods from China, such as Apple, and those that make large amounts of sales in China like Caterpillar and Starbucks. Most Experts says “Ultimately, a US-China trade war would be a fight that no side could win, or at least at an acceptable cost”