Trading GOAL Setup

Goal 1: Volume Control

Trading in Forex its kind of high risk while we play on more volume. Suggestable Volume for $10,000 Equity is 0.10 Volume (10,000 Units).

Goal 2: Risk control
Risk Control is the major role plays in Trading. A lot of traders end up losing too much in the beginning on trades that did not work out as planned. One way to migrate risk and set a study risk control goal could be to set aside a percentage of your account balance 2 to 4% of the risk is the decent way to startup trade.

Goal 3: Profit Goal

Setting up the Profit ratio/reward ratio is very important than risk ratio. Each trade instruments may have different volatile. Before setup, the take profit study the average volume per each instrument would help to trader to setup take profits. Click here to watch Average PIP movement for major currency pair.