Market Today

Gold Price : Holding onto support at $1,625 is basic to moving higher. Gold has shut the last entire seven day stretch of a tempestuous March around $1,626

US Dollar : DXY records its biggest week by week decrease since 1986

Oil market : Oil market to stay under tension in many situations

USD/CAD : Healthier monetary position and less dependence on outside obtaining ought to give a cutoff to the upside

EUR/USD :  Euro prints crisp 7-day’s highs

USD/JPY : Yen remains the best of the rest

AUD/USD : Jumps to crisp 10-day highs

USD/CHF : Hits ten-day lows close to 0.9550 as the greenback stays under tension

USD/CAD : Eradicates BoC-propelled gains

GBP/USD : Hits crisp highs above 1.2400, USD recuperation blurs

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